The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review

spiderman 2

6 (maybe .5) /10.

Spiderman has always been my absolute favourite superhero. Growing up on Raimi’s trilogy I was excited, but sceptical about Mark Webb’s reboot. The Amazing Spiderman in 2012 was disappointing. I left thinking I’d just saw a bad version of the same film that was made 11 years previous to it. I’m not a fan of things that look stupid on screen, as the big lizard did. Raimi got it right by sticking the Green Goblin in a suit rather than making him an actual goblin like the comics. But, is the sequel to the Amazingly Average Spiderman any better?

Andrew Garfield’s back as the webslinger, continuing with his quest to discover the truth about his parents (which no one cares about) and battle three new villains this time. Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and his best friend Harry Osbourne as the returning Green Goblin (Dane Dehaan.)

I’ll establish this now to avoid any confusion you might have; this is one of the biggest let down’s I’ve ever seen, but it’s still okay I suppose. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and Garfield as Peter have unbelievable chemistry which really hoists this film up and makes it watchable. Garfield is better this time round, wise cracking more than ever and as much as I loved Toby McGuire, Garfield really is the perfect and hilarious Spiderman. However, as a huge fan of the Sinister Six story lines I was pretty pissed off that Webb used three villains into the movie and wasted all three chances to make them good. The actors are fine, Dehaan is better than fine, his damn right menacing as Harry but a weird Wicked-Witch of the West style stint as the goblin who has a poor motive and a ridiculous reason for actually becoming mutated, ruins the character. (Should have stuck to a suit.) Jamie Foxx is okay, often funny as Max Dillon, the helpless Spiderman fanatic, but again with a pathetic and childish motive he is instantly forgettable. I say Paul Giamatti was okay as the over the top Russian mobster Rhino because he was in the movie for about three minutes and had no relevance to the plot. 3 strikes Webb, congratulations.

Onto the plot. There’s too many, it’s too crowded yet none of the plots are actually interesting enough to be sustained over a two hour movie.

Moving on, there are some redeeming qualities. As said, the Gwen and Peter love triangle surprisingly delivers the movies high points with genuine heavy emotion. A couple of other scenes stand out, particularly one with a small child recreating a scene reminiscent of Tiananmen Square reminding us the true meaning of being a hero and all that melodramatic crap; it works well. This is all bogged down by the clunky and unrewarding story arc regarding Peter’s parents, though it does deliver a decent scene with Aunt May. Peter’s trauma over his promise to Gwen’s father is shown well, though again, ruined by the fact Uncle Ben is only mentioned once and his death seems insignificant.  The Electro battles, particularly the final one, are pretty impressive and though many didn’t like the dub step- subconscious soundtrack Zimmer created here, I think it worked pretty well. However, as with all the good points of the movie they are overshadowed by a negative. The fact none of the villains really had a point with a flimsy plot line ruins these fights, then Peter’s final fight with Harry is… short. I never gave a shit about their friendship because they never told us anything about it.

Despite some good points, The Amazing Spiderman 2 is a big let down after I waited so long for it. It proves that just because your surname is Webb, does not mean you have the right to direct a Spiderman franchise.


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