The Lego Movie Review



One of the biggest surprises of the year so far coming in one of the smallest packages. The Lego Movie may be a marketing scheme, but its a damn good film regardless.

When ordinary, non-special Emmet  (Chris Pratt) finds a mysterious piece called the ‘Kraggle’ he is crowned ‘the special’ by WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks) and whisked on an adventure to stop President Business (Will Ferrell) taking on the world.

The plot may sound stupid and on the whole but it is cliche, but this is far from a cliche film. Firstly, the voice acting is really, really good. I was surprised at how many voices I recognised whilst watching with Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Liam Neeson and Will Arnett all in the cast, not to mention the amazing Morgan Freeman. The movie is essentially a collaboration of hilarious pop culture reference which made the adults (which, surprisingly, composed most of the audience) laugh their arses off for ninety minutes. Will Arnett played a brilliantly brooding Batman and all the characters embodied ridiculous stereotypes to produce an extremely amusing movie. To say this is the funniest child film ever is no understatement.

As Pixar’s biggest fan, I can honestly say The Lego Movie could rank amongst their work. What makes this so special is its heart. A surprising twist at the end will make you see the entire movie as different, creating an endless rewatchable value. The touching story of the ordinary Emmet becoming special may have been predicted by many, but the true heart of this movie, the brilliance of human creativity which in itself is shown by the unbelievably good CGI looking like real Lego, pulled the heart strings of everyone in the cinema.

What isn’t great? For large parts of the movie it is all 100mph which works in some ways and in others can give you a headache. Also, annoying kids running around the cinema certainly didn’t do anything to add to the experience.

That said, nothing could ruin this film; it really is a true gem. The messages are not just ‘buy lego’; it even has comments to make on absolutism and capitalism which may make some of the shrewder of the audience question  the world today. Who’d of thought a movie about Lego could make you do that?

Hilarious, touching and very self aware, The Lego Movie can be summed up by it’s horribly catchy theme; EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


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