The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer

Okay… so they’re in pretty deep shit. Ultron looks great, I like the ‘no strings’ playing darkly over the whole trailer and I like the look of an Avengers mutiny against Tony Stark. It looks, on the whole, pretty promising and hopefully we’ll see Ultron succeed in psychologically ripping them apart this time where Loki failed in the first.

I do have concerns though. That army of robots/mini iron mans might work, but I hope this doesn’t slip into a smack down match against disposable enemies like the first one did; they did that once, they can’t do it again. As long as there is something they have to do this time to stop Ultron, rather than only having to fight and fight and fight and fight like in the first, it should be good.

Though, as good as Ultron looks… he still kinda resembles the bad guy from ‘Robots.’robot


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