Deadpool Review


You may be wondering why the sudden post on Rae Reviews? Well that’s because the other film guy for SCAN (jackass) reserved Deadpool upfront. So, hold on to your fucking review reading fedoras kids because Kieran’s about to go manic on the merc with the mouth big time.

To avoid for a moment slipping into my own existential crisis let’s throw one in Deadpool’s way like a Graduate survey’s life-wrecking zingers. And no, I’m not asking if you’ll be earning £100,000 by the age of thirty and have two kids, I’m asking: Who is Deadpool? Yeah no shit, Wade Wilson right? The guy with his mouth sewed shut and in possession of most of the X-Men’s powers? Okay not that bit. As the film’s ‘shut the fuck up and look at how self aware we are’ marketing has more than clarified for us, Deadpool is the fast talking ass kicking Ryan Reynolds squeezed into a tight suit. Now for those who saw him for the first time in that leaked footage and started strewing up posters with his face and buying little ‘I heart Deadpool’ buttons to stick on their Deadpool Emblem bags you may not truly understand the bipolar full on fucking crazy nature of Wade. You wanna talk about Marvel as a shining pariah of superhero gooey goodness? Then don’t see Deadpool because he’s the guy that shot two old people dead as he didn’t like the look of them naked. He’s an elusive, mysterious, self aware and random joker of destruction.

I think I may have lost myself there, Deadpool review right? Time to get down to the serious talk so idiots and those with short attention spans stop reading now. It’s best to talk about Reynolds’ joust with the character in two schizophrenic parts, the good and the bad, because the film seems so tonally confused (and I’m not talking in a ‘look how fucking clever we are for mimicking the character’s craziness kind of way, I’m talking in a George Lucas talking through his asshole ‘It’s stylistically designed to be that way hiding the fact that’s a steaming pile of messy dogshit’ kind of way.) Oh yeah, Deadpool is the Phantom Menace confirmed? Not quite. But anyway….

This year, Twentieth Century Fox and absolutely not Marvel Studios present the most hilarious black comedy you’re likely to come across that still contains the X-Men, unless X-Men Apocalypse turns out like X-Men 3. Deadpool is the story of cancer ridden Wade Wilson becoming hideously disfigured, but heinously powerful in a mutant experiment gone awry. Can he save the world before the evil Ajax (Ed Skrein, by the way, you know the guy who played Daario in Game of Thrones for three episodes before being replaced by a better looking guy? Well yeah him, he’s pissed and out for revenge) destroys it? Or rather, can he save his super hot girlfriend (Morenca Baccarin, who voiced Talia al Ghul in a direct to dvd Batman movie (don’t you just love it when universes cross (and when you have unnecessary triple parenthesis?)))? The jokes fly in faster than patriotic montages at the Superbowl as Reynolds finally gets his chance to take a turd on X-Men Origin’s wreckage of the character. Expect gut laughs, loud laughs and maybe the occasional little giggle as verbal and visual comedy (the animation of his mask’s face and eyes is a real highlight of the film, bringing comic book to light in delightful surrealism) hits new fourth wall breaking heights; I’m glad Deadpool comments on the ridiculous influx of superhero movies and petty licensing rights since everyone else seems to accept the future of film lays solely in the superhero genre. But what… this is still a superhero film… isn’t it? Anyway his lips run riot, his self awareness of the audience is a weird joy and the 15/R rating means we get to see lots of corpses, what more could you possibly want?

A better film. Deadpool is messier than a botched chimichanga made by the editor of this fucking amalgamation of funny and serious. Should a guy who shoots old people because he hates ‘unholy liver spots’ and gabbers in the face of splattered bodies really me so melodramatically smitten with his wife to a point the film’s merchandising of Deadpool as romantic comedy actually threatened to appear half serious for a second? Surely we wanna see spontaneous personality disorders (a rare time one can say this) instead of a fucking bipolar tone? Self aware or not a movie is still a movie like a job interview is a still job interview; you can’t giddy on up to the office with a professional demeanor but naked and be praised for being ‘different.’ Maybe I lost you there… basically it takes itself too seriously sometimes.

But hey ho, almost more often than not it’s interjected by some kind of joke, which more often than not landed. The story was no Memento (though I wish I could forget it every fifteen or so seconds because writing a damn film is hard enough without letting mundane origin stories disguised as edgy origin stories (no, it doesn’t make it edgy because you used the phrase origin story in the movie (even if it is still hilarious)) through the production mill). But, I suppose the story didn’t need to be, being told in such a mixed up and cross cut anti-chronological kind of way that it felt substantial and breezy enough to see out its one hundred minute run time while still being funny as shit.

Mixed bag then I suppose. Funny, messy, serious, irreverent. Fuck it, I laughed a lot.


RAETING: B- (maybe do a little more homework for the sequel?)


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